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All images in this gallery were produced during the design phase, allowing our customers to see realistic views, and approve or make changes to their homes before construction begins. With standard two dimensional floor plans and elevations offered by most other builders, you won't know what you're getting until it's built. This often results in expensive and time consuming change orders.
At Boss & Mennie, you will get to view your home in a fully rotatable electronic 3D model, and we won't start permitting until you are completely happy with your new home's design. And if that wasn't good enough, here's even better news - we don't charge a penny extra for this service. In fact, because we are a design / build company, our design fees are typically much less than those charged by architectural firms. For a live demonstration of our 3D design models, either in person or through a screen share from the comfort of your home or office, please contact us to schedule a meeting.